Value proposition

At ACTIVE we have Passion for Entrepreneurship. After setting up various start up companies ourselves, we found a way to channel our experience and passion back to the entrepreneurial community. We created an internationally orientated venture capital company in a city which we identified as a future European entrepreneurial hotspot.

During the last few years we have continued to build on our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship by creating various initiatives such as EO Spain, The Venturepreneurs’ Organisation, The Global Entrepreneurship Week (Spain) and The Barcelona Entrepreneurship City.

We believe that any venture capital professional has to feel the entrepreneurial spirit himself in order to understand the needs and visions of entrepreneurs.

How we add value to entrepreneurs:

  • Provide early stage and expansion funding
  • Improve strategic planning
  • Build management teams and advisory boards
  • Implement financial and KPI control mechanisms
  • Provide relevant industry contacts through our contact network
  • Establish strategic alliances
  • Fine-tune expansion strategies
  • Find additional financing