The Venturepreneurs

ACTIVE’s management team has been developing the Venturepreneurs concept since 2007 .

Who are the Venturepreneurs?

Venturepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs that act as venture capitalists. They have their own entrepreneurial and venture capital experience and like to invest in new ventures at the seed stage, either through their own investment vehicles, incubators or structured venture capital firms. They typically invest between €25,000 and €250,000 in co-investments with other venturepreneurs.

The difference to a traditional business angel is that a business angel is not necessarily an entrepreneur, nor a sector specialist.

A Venturepreneur is the ideal seed investor, because besides capital investment he adds value through his:

  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Venture capital experience
  • Sector expertise and vision
  • Geographic market know how
  • International contact network

What is the Venturepreneurs’ Organisation?

The Venturepreneurs’ Organisation has the vision to create a structured ecosystem for seed investments in Europe. It aims to be a European wide network for venturepreneurs that like to co-invest in new ventures in the seed stage and look for new connections and opportunities in which to apply their resources in a thoughtful way. The members are committed to contribute to the improvement of their entrepreneurial environment.