Oooferton ends 2011 with a turnover exceeding EUR 6.5 million.

Monday April 30th, 2012

Oooferton, the first live-shopping platform in Spain, has strengthened its position among the leading Spanish e-commerce companies after ending 2011 with a turnover of over EUR 6.5 million, which means a growth of 280% over the previous year.

Nearly 20% of company’s sales are generated through social networks. Oooferton expects to maintain this rate of growth in 2012 and finish the year with the increases of over 250%. The key factors that can help achieve desired results are not only introducing two new kinds of products: Gourmet and Jewelry to the existing categories but also the expansion into new international markets such as Italy, Turkey and Portugal.

This increase in sales was largely due to Oooferton’s focus on the social networks as a sales channel. Currently, the company has over 195,000 fans on its Facebook page, compared to the 35,000 in 2010. Sales derived from this network have already reached 20% of the company’s total turnover in 2011.

The dynamic of social networking has become one of the keys to Oooferton’s growth: the company constantly keeps consumers informed of the daily deals and discounts, which can reach up to 80% off of the retail price. Oooferton also launches exclusive promotions only for its fans. In addition, the success of the television advertising campaign, developed during the year, strengthened the process of sales and assured the recognition of the company.

Last year, Oooferton sent more than 120,000 products to its Spanish customers, a figure that only confirms that the business model of the platform is attractive to consumers in times of crisis. A differentiating factor, over other e-commerce companies, is the effectiveness of its processes that enables the Oooferton team to manage this volume of transactions with only 19 people while offering the best service to its customers.

Oooferton uses created by the company software that controls in an integrated way all of these areas: receipt of the merchandise, location, replenishment, inventory, shipping and customer service.

In 2011, this live-shopping platform received more than 8 million visitors and recorded more than 40 million page views. Oooferton registers a new user every 9 seconds.

New categories and markets in 2012

Oooferton started the year with great news and it hopes to keep these positive growth rates in the future. Since February 2012, the platform offers two new product categories, Gourmet & Jewelry, in addition to the three daily deals in Electronics, Entertainment and Fashion and special promotions from their Outlet.

The purchase of food products on the Internet is becoming a new trend and, with their offers, Oooferton aims to be a leader in this new niche market. The category of Jewelry has also been successful with some of their “ooofertones”(good deals): the platform sold hundreds of pearl earrings in 24 hours.

With the addition of these new categories and other improvements in the platform, Oooferton’s CEO, Luis Krug, hopes to maintain its growth rate in 2012: “Our expectations are to grow 250% this year and we are preparing our expansion into other markets, including prioritized Italy, Turkey and Portugal.”

About Oooferton

Oooferton is the first platform of live-shopping in Spain and a leader in the field of e-commerce. Founded in May 2009 by Luis Krug, a natural born entrepreneur, since its foundation, the company has shown an unstoppable growth which was considered very attractive to investors. The company has the support of one of the leading international venture capital companies in Spain, Active Venture Partners, which became a shareholder in 2010.

Oooferton is an open platform. Clients do not need to register in order to see the promotions of the new products launched every day in Electronics, Entertainment, Fashion, Gourmet and Jewels. The company headquarters is in Mogoda (Barcelona) and his staff has 19 employees covering all operational functions.

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