Telemedicine Clinic

telemedicine clinic

“Reduce hospital costs and patient waiting times”

Status: Exited
Sector: Healthcare
Geography: Spain, UK, Scandinavia
Contacts: Ricard Söderberg, Philipp Schroeder

Telemedicine Clinic (TMC) is a radiology centre that provides reporting services and long-term diagnostic delivery solutions to hospitals and healthcare providers in Europe.

Founded in 2002, TMC has matured to become a leading CT and MRI specialist centre in Europe, serving more than 100 public service hospitals and local health authorities to improve radiology delivery services. More than six years of unrivalled experience in managing the complexity of delivering large-scale readings has made the company a pioneer in the development of a robust production and logistics platform, which is now ISO certified.

TMC is a highly recognized sub-specialist radiology centre that continues to be at the forefront in medical treatment. It has 70+ accredited sub‐specialist radiologists who focus on specific diagnostic areas that include Neuro, Body, Musculoskeletal, PET‐CT, Mammography Screening and Nuclear Medicine.